Sunday, August 12, 2007

Twist and Shout!

This summer has just been cruising by at a rapid pace. Life has been in the way of being faithful to my blog. With the winding down of the summer (I hate how that sounds) I now have a little time to blog.

The running has not been going so well. I seem to have lost a little of that loving feeling and my motivation has dropped. I decided to take a week off to rest and ponder my training plan. it turns out that was a good idea. In a freak simple move, I wrenched my lower back. I am not a person who has back problems. but this dropped me to my knees. The good news is that slowly the pain has gone away and tomorrow I will head out for a 5 miler to get back into my running groove. It is just 5 weeks before my half marathon and I need to get back to my regular running. I hope the week off has not hurt me too bad. I just need to remember that I run for me and I do it because I love it.

After the half I am off to a conference in Milwaukee. I have never been there and am looking forward to the trip. It will be an exciting conference. There is a 5k fun run that everyone participates in and it is a great time.


Petraruns said...

Hey Cory, what comes up must go down - you've got to take the lack of mojo sometimes, it's part of the whole thing. Sometimes time off is just what's needed. Sounds like it's worked for you..

IrishBlue said...

Sorry to hear about your back problems.

I hear you about the lack of motivation. Sometimes I get too focused on the races and forget to just enjoy the running. Hopefully, we'll both be feeling the love again soon.

Enjoy your trip!

CewTwo said...

I agree. I run for me. I compete for me. I know that I can't beat that young buck in the front! I know if I work at it, then I can beat that young buck inside me.
It all has to come from me, though.

Sometimes a person just needs a break! You'll get back into it, I'm sure. Let us know how the 5 mile run went for you!

ShirleyPerly said...

Oh dear!! I remember twisting around to reach something from the back seat of my car and being humbled for weeks with the worst back pain I had ever experienced. I'm glad to hear your back is better already. I don't think a week off from running will negatively affect your fitness level much at all. Take care!

MarathonChris said...

Enjoy getting back into the groove - hope the back feels ok! :-)

Susan said...

I am waaaaaaay late with this comment... but I sympathize with you. This summer has been mojo-depleting. I just know mine will return in full force when the atrocious temperatures disappear!

Anonymous said...

Oh no...sorry to hear about your back! I'm sure the week off helped in body and in mind. I hear you on the ups and downs of it all. Hopefully you go the mojo back!