Monday, December 17, 2007

Just a short note on how things are going. The workouts are progressing really well. i am really getting into the lifting. There is a very little running n this plan so far, only about 6 to 8 miles per week. I feel like such a slacker. The weight is coming off slowly too. Only about 6 pounds over the two weeks. Not a lot but I will take it. Enjoying the plan so far!

On a side note it looks like I will be spending my summer in Virginia. Good for the job but a long time away from home.

Happy Holidays to all!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Time for a change

"Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death."
--Anais Nin

It is now time for a new state of being. This winter I have some specific goals that will require that I change my current obsession with running. It will involve a more global approach to my everyday living and exercise. So far, I have not been paying very close attention to my nutrition. I have kind of been watching what I eat, but not very strictly. That is about to change. One of my goals is to reach a goal weight of 195 pounds. That will require about 30 pounds of weight loss. I also want to build my overall strength, specifically my upper body strength. For the first time in my life I am going to engage in weight training.

So, my workouts will consist of weight training, short intense aerobic sessions and just so I can feed my need for running I will be taking a long run (about 5 miles) each week. I want my running fitness to be up to the challenge of running a 10K.

So here goes, tomorrow is a new start to a different state.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It is Thanksgiving day and time to reflect on what we have and what we have to be thankful for. For me I always turn my thoughts to those away from home and loved ones. Those who stand on the front lines protecting me and my family from evil. Those who willingly put themselves in harms way so that I can relax in my warm home and safely break bread with my family and friends on this day.

I am thankful for our men and women in the Armed Forces who are standing tall for our freedoms. I am also thankful for the men and women in law enforcement across the nation who left their warm home and loving families to patrol our streets and keep us safe.

Each Thanksgiving I set aside a plate in remembrance of those men and women so that I do not forget the sacrifice they have made for me.

God Bless those men and women and God bless America.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back to Reality

It is time to return to reality, and of course my work. I tried to get work to keep sending me a paycheck, but they wanted me to actually show up. I though that was pretty narrow minded of them.

The trip to Europe was nothing short of amazing. I cannot possibly begin to journal it all on one sitting. The photo to the left is my lovely bride and I at Park Guell in Barcelona Spain. My favorite place in the entire trip was Barcelona. During our travels we visited Italy (Florence, Rome, Naples), Greece (Mykonos, Santorini, Athens), France (Villafrance, Monaco), Turkey (Kusadasi) and Spain (Barcelona). We spent a lot of that time on a cruise ship with several extra days spent in Spain. What a trip!!

I must confess that in spite of my good intentions, I only ran twice the entire trip. i do not know how those that travel a lot get their runs in. One on my runs was on the treadmill on the ship while it was at sea. That was just short of a treat. It takes a lot of concentration to keep your footing on a speeding treadmill while the floor is moving with the sea waves. That just added to my dislike for spending too much time on the "dreadmill". I had really hoped to get more runs in, but the schedule was just to busy (read I was lazy) to get them done. Now that I am back to work it is time to get back into it.

Of course 2 weeks on a cruise ship did not at all equal to any weight gain on my part. If you believe that then I have some swamp land for you. I am finding the motivation hard to come by. It might be that I need to find myself a spring race to train for. There is nothing like a good race to get motivated for. I have been considering lately on backing off on my mileage and training for a shorter distance. Something in the 10K range. Wit that I would up my cross training and get some weight lifting in. I have never been a big fan of weight lifting but really need to work on my "chicken arms".

Tomorrow however is a new start...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Today was the day for my run in the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon. I had slacked off some on my training since my Half Marathon 3 weeks ago so my run was less than stellar. I choose one of my long run routes for today's run. I turned out to be a good day for the run as a cold front had moved in so the temp was about 55F. My time logged in at 2 hours 12 minutes and 27 seconds. Not a PR but still a good run.

On another note, I will be away from the blog world for a bit while on holiday. We have been planning this trip to Europe for over a year and the time has finally arrived. Best wishes to those who who have races coming up. I promise photos and reports when I return.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Crossroads Half Marathon Race Report

September 16th saw the 2007 running of the Crossroads Half Marathon. This is a charity run. Crossroads is an organization that offers assistance to victims of domestic violence. Hard to think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning than by raising money for this worthy cause.

The start was scheduled for 8 am and when I left the house at 7 it was already 67 degrees. The scheduled high for the day was 88 degrees. This was going to be a hot run. Hooray!

My goals for this race was to PR with anything less than 2.05:59. It is a pretty flat run but my PR came from a mostly downhill race so I had my work cut out for me. I also had been slacking on my training program.

The start was pretty subdued with the race organizer standing at the front and when the time came he said "Go!". I was near the front, in a pack of 500 runners, and only knew we were starting because the front of the group was off and running. The start was downhill and I was feeling really good. At the first mile I looked down at my trusty Garmin and was amazed to see a pace of 8.37! I knew I needed to slow down or I was in for a long day.

I backed of on the speed and set myself for a steady pace. The race course is a mix of residential streets and our local bike paths. The paths are my favorite place to run so this was familiar territory. Miles 2 through 7 were a good comfortable pace. That is if I was only going to run 7 miles. My average pace was now at 8.50. I just knew that I was going to pay for that pace at some point and really concentrated on slowing down some more.

The payment for that effort came at the 10 mile mark. I was entirely out of juice. The miles between 7 and 10 saw my average pace slowly creep past 9 minutes. And finally, I had to walk. I would walk a total of 4 times between miles 10 and 12. At 12 miles I promised myself that I could make that 1.1 miles all in one push. I lived up to that promise.

The last mile of the race follows a very beautiful tree lined residential area in downtown Fort Collins. This leads to the finish, which is in the same place as the start. I finished the race strong with a final time of 2.04:59. A new PR!

I am conflicted. I am excited about a new PR and am proud of that effort. I am also very disappointed in myself in how I ran the race. If I had shown a little more discipline in the early miles, I am convinced I would have run a better time.

So now after an earned shower, and an ice cold New Belgium Skinny Dip Beer, I have a date with my easy chair and a day of football. Go Broncos!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Where in the world is...?

I offer no acceptable reasons for my absence, but do ask for forgiveness. Like most of my friends out there my training has been pretty miserable. My summer has been packed and has left little time for my running. I have managed to get some training in and with my half marathon only a week away I am marginally prepared. But, the cooler weather has arrived and the running is getting better. I have an alternate plan for this winter and will share that in a future blog.

I just arrived home from a weekend in Breckenridge Colorado. The photos I offer this post are all from the area. This was a weekend for getting the ATVs out. For the sake of my friend Charles, we were on the Wise Mountain /Radical Hill Loop. This was a great ride that took us to 12,600 feet in elevation.

The wife and I enjoyed the wonderful views at the top of this fun ride. We had perfect weather with sunny skies and moderate temperatures. we shared the ride with our close friends and this will be our last camping trip for the summer.

There was a mishap however and the photos below show the aftermath.

This is a good news / bad news story. The good news is that the young man (21) who was riding this machine is fine and only suffered a slight bruise when he flipped the ATV into a creek. The bad news is this is my wife's ATV.

Until next time...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Twist and Shout!

This summer has just been cruising by at a rapid pace. Life has been in the way of being faithful to my blog. With the winding down of the summer (I hate how that sounds) I now have a little time to blog.

The running has not been going so well. I seem to have lost a little of that loving feeling and my motivation has dropped. I decided to take a week off to rest and ponder my training plan. it turns out that was a good idea. In a freak simple move, I wrenched my lower back. I am not a person who has back problems. but this dropped me to my knees. The good news is that slowly the pain has gone away and tomorrow I will head out for a 5 miler to get back into my running groove. It is just 5 weeks before my half marathon and I need to get back to my regular running. I hope the week off has not hurt me too bad. I just need to remember that I run for me and I do it because I love it.

After the half I am off to a conference in Milwaukee. I have never been there and am looking forward to the trip. It will be an exciting conference. There is a 5k fun run that everyone participates in and it is a great time.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Time on Legs - Dog Days of Summer

It has been a bit since I have last blogged. That seems the norm during these busy summer days. I am ready for this heat to give way to the fall. My runs have been taking place in 90 to 100 degree weather and it is taking its toll. I am finding that my motivation to run wanders all over the place as I contemplate the heat. It does build character however!

My training however is going pretty good. I will be more than ready for my September 16th half marathon and the World Wide Half.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Time on Legs - Heart Rate

First a report on my 5K race on the 4th of July. This was a local race that benefited our local running club. They had a record turn out of about 900 runners. The course was set up around our local City Park and is a very flat course. I ran this as a training run and vowed that I would not worry too much about time. When the gun went off, I forgot my vow. I shot out of the starting line at a blazing pace and realized that I would have to slow up considerably. I finished the race with a PR of 25.53. What a great way to start the day.

This is the end of my first week running with my new Garmin 305. I found that in order to keep my HR in the desired range I had to run a lot slower than I wanted. Today I went for my long run of 10 miles and kept my HR at or below 150. This slowed my pace by about 45 seconds per mile. I was a little frustrated. What helped me was that I felt really good following the run. It is clear to me that I have been over training and an injury was just around the corner. I like how watching my HR keeps me in check. I think I will leave it off on the days I go for a specific tempo or speed workout pace run.

Saturday, June 30, 2007


Today I traded my beloved Garmin 205 for the heart rate version, the 305. I have been wanting to see what my heart rate has been on my training runs and now I can. I have always been a "pace runner" and I am sure there have been times that I have over trained. I am not too sure how I will incorporate the HRM into my training, but am open to ideas. Tomorrow's training run will be my first with this new device and we will see how it turns out.

As for my training, this week has been pretty good with nice strong runs. The weather was cooler mid-week and stayed pretty cool for my 9 mile long run on Friday. My long run made me more sore than normal. Nothing to worry about, but a little knee pain has crept in some.

Wednesday is July 4th and I will be out working. My City puts on a fireworks show in our City Park and I will be coordinating all of the security for the park. I will, however, get a chance to run in a local 5k called the "Firecraker 5". Many years ago this was a 5 mile race and I ran it a couple of times. This will be my first time with the 5k. I was scheduled for a 3 mile training run that day so this will work nicely.

I hope all enjoy a safe July 4th!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Back to the Grind

Time to get back to the grind of everyday living. Vacation was excellent! Spent a lot of quality time with my family as well as my friends. The major players of "F Troop" are pictured here. I also took the time to update the photo on my blog of my family at the same waterfall the previous picture was taken from. The week ended way too soon.

I was, however, very faithful to my training schedule. I had 4 runs scheduled for the week and was able to make each on of them. I really concentrated on taking it easy and enjoy the lite training week. All in all I did only about 20 miles. The highlight for the week of running was when one of the teenagers wanted to join me for a 5 miler. He plays football and thought it would be easy to hang with the "old guy". At a mile he asked when we stopped to rest. At 1.5 miles he suggested we cut the run to 3 miles. We did just that and had a nice 3 mile run at 30.18. He was sore and tired for 2 days. The young man said he enjoyed the running and asked me for tips on how to start his program. I gave him some tips and invited him along whenever he wanted a partner. It was fun to see the start of a new runner. I do have to admit that it was also fun for this "old guy" to show up the young teenager.

As anyone can see the scenery was "terrible". I took this picture just after hauling in a nice sized rainbow trout. For Charles, this is the tail waters of Stagecoach Reservoir.

I also want to mention my friend who ran with me in my "mini-marathon" completed the Coeur d'Alene Ironman, BIB 702, this Sunday. His final finish time was 14 hours 33 minutes and 31 seconds. He had hoped to finish in 14 hours, but there was considerable wind on the course. I was able to watch him finish on the live video feed. Man, do I love the internet!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

ahhhh vacation!!

This week I am on vacation in Steamboat Springs Colorado. This is an annual trip we take called the "Father's Day" trip or also known as "F Troop rides again". Long story how that name came about.

This week is also an easy week for my running training. I ran 5.25 miles yesterday on a beautiful bike trail that follows the Yampa River through the town. I hope to stay true to my schedule this week. I can be a little difficult but I am committed to making it work. Now if I can only stay out of the wine everything should work out.

Happy training all....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time on Legs - Priorities

Today my training schedule called for a 5 miler with speed work. But, since it was my daughter's birthday we went out for Chinese food. She is the best 12 year old I have ever known. My wife and I are truly blessed with such a sweet child.

As for the running, it has been going pretty good. The heat has been cranked up some which has led to slower workouts. But, it is all about getting some time on my legs as I train for my fall half marathon.

I have been tagged! Melisa has tagged me and the rules are 6 things about me that are weird.

  1. I am afraid of the dark!
  2. I always sleep on the side of the bed the farthest from the door.
  3. I always sleep facing the door. (I guess first three are all related)
  4. I don't like for my food to touch on my plate.
  5. In a 22 year military career I served in all of the services except the Coast Guard.
  6. I love to run. Some will say this is the most weird thing of all.

So there is the list. My wife had a lot of additional entries but will save that for another time.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Time on Legs - Playing Hooky

Pardon my rant for a bit, but I am tired of spending all my time at work. 7 day weeks, 14 hour days is taking its toll and it was time for a break. So, I played hooky and took some time to go fishing with a couple of friends. I even caught a few fish. All of them were sent back to the river for another day. Thanks for listening.

The running has been going great! Each run these past couple of weeks has been really enjoyable. Sunday's run was a little freaky. I headed out for an easy 4 mile run. I started out on my usual route and after about 1/2 mile I glanced down at my Garmin to be surprised to see my average pace at 8:28! Wow!! So, like a dummy I kept up the pace for the entire run and ended what was supposed to be an easy 4.04 mile run with a time of 34:30 or a 8:32 pace. Even though I was proud of my time, I have to admit that if I keep on disregarding my training plan I am going to injure myself. It is the competator in me that pushes each day.

New blog out there for people to view. It is called "What's a few miles among friends". This blog is a place where those training this summer for the Phedippidations World Wide Half will share their training logs and comments about their journey toward the race. Check it out.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Fall Races

It is the season of summer running with the training for a fall race. I am in week one of my program for a race on September 16th. I will be running in the Crossroads Half Marathon. This race is in support of our local organization that helps women of domestic violence. I will be running this race with several of my running partners. I am told it is a pretty fast course and will be looking for a PR.

My good friends out in the blog world have suggested that I train for a fall marathon. Petra, Melisa and MarathonChris are all running a marathon this fall. Even Kevin is seriously thinking about it. My challenge this year is my summer schedule as well as an upcoming vacation. As a former Marine, I want to run the MCM and will most likely try for that in 2008. This summer is so crazy for me that I cannot figure out how I would fit in the training time needed. I am also spending 3 weeks of October in Europe.

So, I have settled for a half marathon for this fall and am desperately trying to figure out how I can participate in the Phedippidations World Wide Half. I will be in transit that weekend and cannot find an organized run the week before to enter. But the search is far from over. I will train as if I will be able to participate.

And so the training begins....

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Time on Legs - Bolder Boulder

Memorial Day in Boulder for the past 29 years has meant the running of the Bolder Boulder 10K. This year there were 50,816 entries. I have never ran in such a large race. It was a constant dodge of runners from start to finish.

Due to the large number of runners, the race is set up to start in waves. Each wave is about 1 minute apart. The first several waves required a qualifying time for entry. Since I did not bring a copy of a qualifying time to registration I was placed in one of the first waves known as "sub 60 minutes - no proof." All I can say is there was a lot of fibbers in my wave. It was clear shortly into the race that a sub-60 minute 10K was a dream for most of those runners. I do not mean that in a bad way since I am no speed demon, but I am a rules person and there were reasons for how the waves were set up. I was shooting for an average pace of 9 minute miles for a 10K PR. So, I spent a lot of time dodging runners just so I could get a good time. It was a little frustrating. As I dodged runners I became more determined to set a good time for next year's wave start. I also had to remind myself that this was for fun and to just enjoy the race.

I started the course in the usual too fast mode. My first two miles were about the 8:30 pace range. This is definitely a pace I cannot sustain over a 10K and knew I would pay at some point. There are a few hills on the course and those did not factor too much into my race with the exception of the finish. At the mid point of the race I started feeling the effects of my earlier pace and had to slow some to get rid of a side pain. Slowing up helped. Along the course there were live bands, an Elvis singer and belly dancers (my personal favorite). The final portion of the race goes up a pretty steep hill into Folsom Field (Home of the University of Colorado Buffaloes) where the runners take a half lap to the finish line. What a great experience of finishing in the stadium. There were thousands of people cheering for the runners as they entered.

I finished with an unofficial time of 55:45 which is an 8.59 pace. As of yet there are no posted results.

An amazing part of this race is the Memorial Celebration that follows the race. As you wait for the celebration the begin you get to watch other runners finish. There are several military groups that run this as well. As the groups enter the stadium there is a standing ovation for the military runners. The most memorable group was the Marines. They entered in formation holding a US flag and a USMC flag high into the air. Before they finished the race the formation dropped and did several push-ups and then reformed to finish the race. Of course I am a little biased, but the Navy and Army did not look near as sharp. Air Force did not even have a team. The Memorial Service was capped with a tear jerking playing of Taps and finally with the National Anthem. I had tears streaming down my cheeks as the US flag parachuted into the stadium. What a great way to spend the day, a great run and an even better tribute.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Time on Legs - Colorful Colorado

For Memorial Weekend the family all got together in Vail Colorado just a couple hour drive from home. The trail you see was my running trail for the weekend. This is why I live in Colorado. I had an amazing run along the river on this trail. I only had time for a short 3 miles, but what a great time. Things have been so hectic that this weekend was a very welcome time to spend quietly with family.

Tomorrow I will run the Bolder Boulder 10K. This race will be for all of the brave men and women who have served and died so that we may enjoy the freedom to take a morning and run a 10K. I will be wearing a Marines shirt as a tribute.

An update on my wife's progress with her couch to 5K, she has been pretty slack of late. She has not taken to the program as I had hoped. She is having a hard time keeping motivated enough to make the running a habit. I keep the encouragement going.

As for upcoming races I will leave that for another time...

Semper Fidelis and God Bless America!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Crazy Weeks

The past couple of weeks have been amazingly crazy. Work has been non-stop and I have had little time for running. Things are bound to slow sometime.

Memorial Day I will be running in the Bolder Boulder 10K. I am told this is the 3rd largest 10K in the US. 45,000 people are scheduled to run.

I have decided on my fall half marathon. The training starts next week.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Time on Legs - Race Day!

The day began really early with a 4:30 am wake up. I was not sure what the day would bring since it had been cold and raining for the past two days. The weather people promised us more of the same for race day. To my joy I could see that there was clear sky over the foothills where the race was going to start. My running partner Dean picked me up and we arrived at the busses at 5:20 am. We had it easy; the marathoners had to catch the buses between 4 and 4:45 am. All racers had to ride the bus since they were closing the road for the race.

The mini-marathon, 15 miles, begins at Gateway Park. The park is a few miles up the scenic Poudre River Canyon located just outside of Fort Collins. The temperature was about 38F but the sky was clear and we were going to have an excellent day.

My goal was to complete the run in 2 hours 30 minutes for a 10 minute pace. Dean was using this run as a training run in his preparation for the Coeur d’ Alene Ironman in June and he would run the entire way with me. All I could think about was what Joe Henderson said in his book “Run Right Now”, that the race was the reward for the training. All that time on the treadmill, out in the cold and the many hours of pounding the pavement was all so that I could enjoy this race.

The first 5 miles of the race were the best. A gentle scenic downhill along the Poudre River. It was very easy to settle into a quick and comfortable pace. I wanted to make sure to keep the pace under control early into this race and the temptation to go fast was great. I resisted it a little, but was running much faster than my planned 9:45 pace.

Miles 6 and 7 went well leading up to the only real hill on the course. It was here that the lead male marathoners passed us. They had begun their run 45 minutes prior to ours.

The hill on this course is like most of them, too long and too steep. I managed a 9:30 pace up the hill. I knew that this was going to get me later, but felt real good and could not bring myself to slow down. Here I was passed by the lead female marathoner who with her 2:46.33 finish would qualify for the 2008 Women’s Olympic Trials as well as set a course record. Dean also had to leave me for a bit to find a port-a-potty. Turns out a tree worked just as well.

Up to mile 10, I was feeling pretty strong. It was clear that my training had served me well. My average pace was running at 9:35. This was well ahead of my planned run and I was beginning to wonder where or when this would all catch up to me. That happened at mile 12.

Mile 12 to 14 is still a bit of a blur. My legs were a little on the numb side, but it was my lungs that were hurting. I knew I had to get my breathing under control. To do this I slowed my pace and concentrated on regaining my breath. At mile 14.5 Dean looked over at me and asked if I was alright. The simple answer was, no. My legs were numb, I could not feel my hands and the world was a little crooked. His response was, “Great, you have run this race just right!!” He then said that it was only 5 minutes to the finish and that I could do anything for 5 minutes. He still had his funny with him.

The last half mile to the finish was all about determination. I had worked hard to get here and I was going to finish strong. The crowds were awesome and the cheers were loud and enthusiastic. That is what this race stuff is all about. The great crowds and the realization that you have worked hard and ran the race you wanted to run. I ran a better race than I expected. My finish time was 2 hours 24 minutes and 39 seconds, a 9:38 pace.

I was able to stick around a watch a friend, the youngest marathoner, finish at 4 hours 33 minutes. I was also able to cheer Shirley from the Humble Triathlete as she ran to the finish. Yes Shirley that was me who yelled out your name on the final stretch.

What a great run!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Time on Legs - On to the Race

The training program has come to an end. Today I finished a short 5 mile tempo run to end my 16 weeks of training for the Colorado Mini-Marathon. I ran it with my good friend and running partner, Dean. Dean will be running this race as a training run and will be with me the entire way. The training has gone exceptionally well and I am very ready for this race. I used the simple planning tool found on Runner's World for my plan and was a little sceptical at first. Now that it is over I am convinced that for me and my goals this plan worked pretty well.

Here are the statistics of my training (found on Buckeye Outdoors):
  • Total Miles - 403.6
  • Total Runs - 68
  • Total Time - 67 hours 29 minutes 33 seconds
  • Longest Run - 13 miles
  • Average Pace - 10.01
  • Average Distance - 5.9 miles
  • Average Calories Burned - 1055
  • Total Calories Burned - 71712

The race kicks off at 7:15 A.M. Mountain Time on Sunday May 6th. Race report to follow.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Time on Legs - Charity

This week we go from snow and rain to record high temps. The photo above was taken from out front of my house. What a great way to start each day.

Today I joined about 500 other people in running the "Run for a Child's Sake" 5K run. This run is to raise money for our local Child Advocacy Center (CAC). If you are not familiar with Child Advocacy Center's, they are in many communities and help children who have been the victims of abuse. These valuable dedicated people need our constant support to continue their fabulous work. I have worked many times with our CAC and am very grateful for how hard they work to defend the defensless.

Today's run was an extra for my training plan and I was very please with my performance. Yesterday I ran my final long run in my training plan and went 13 miles. I was able to make my goal pace for my mini-marathon for the entire run. Memo to self: do not buy new shoes and then go right out for 13 miles in them. I was pretty sore at the end.

Time for my taper...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Time on Legs - Training Winding Down

Today was scheduled for an 8 mile tempo run. Who knew that in Colorado we would get several inches of rain along with snow mixed in. That was all I needed to bug out on today's run. As I near the end of my 12 week running plan I have been evaluating how it has gone. This was only the 3rd run that I just did not do. Not too bad and I do feel ready for the Colorado Mini-marathon (15 miler) on May 6th. A couple more training runs before my easy week taper and the plan is finished. Setting up a training plan has both been good and bad. The good is that my running has really grown stronger and I have become faster. The bad is that the strict adherence to a schedule has taken a little of the joy out of my running. I was almost obsessed with getting each days workout accomplished. But, it has prepared me for the race.
The photos in today's blog are from one of my favorite trails to run on. The rain has created high water levels in the river that overflows the trail. So, it seems that I have chosen a good day to miss out on a run.

The week has been a pretty good one minus the weather issues. The knees are a little better and the running has been strong. I went on a long run with Dean and the goal was for an easy enjoyable smooth 13 miles. I should know better than to trust him, instead he took me on a hilly trail run and we barely eeked out 11.5 miles. I was beat. I followed that run on the next day with the fastest 5 miles I have run this year. It felt great.

And the training winds down....

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Time on Legs - Not the knees!

It has been a bit since I have blogged. The hard weeks of my training is upon me and it has taken its toll. Just this week my knees have really been hurting. This has been pretty depressing since it was a serious knee injury that put a stop to my running several years ago. It took me 10 years to get back to the running that I enjoy so much. I do not want an injury to cut into my training as well as my fitness for running. With all that said, the training has been going real well and I am ready for my race in just over 2 weeks.

An update on how my wife is doing. She continues to adhere to the C25K plan and is progressing very well. I am very proud of how she keeps at it even though she is not really enjoying it right now. As for the sales pitch of her running a race this summer, we have progressed from "hell no" to just "no". I am making progress.

So far this year I am at 344 miles on my way to Tinkoff's 1000.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Time on Legs - The Wind

Man, do I hate wind! Colorado, like much of the rest of the United States, has been experiencing a lot of weather changes. Spring is just like that. With our rapid changes comes a lot of wind. I really do not like running in this junk. With that said, I have been getting out there anyway. I am in my final push of hard weeks before my 15 mile race on May 6th. This week's running has been going really well despite my grumpiness about the wind. One of my problems. however, is that I have got to get my mind around training smartly or I am going to injure myself. Today's run was an 8 mile tempo run with 6 miles planned at a tempo of a 9:45 pace. My first mile as a warm up should have been pretty slow before my tempo run and I was feeling really good even at the start. When my Garmin 205 beeped at mile one, I looked down to see I had cranked out a 9:09 pace. I then settled into a good 6 miles with an average of 9:29 pace. So as a cool down for the last mile I figured I should slow it up. That did not happen and I ended the entire run with an overall pace of 9:22. I am happy with the times, but mad at myself for not managing my run better.

As I was running this week I though a lot about support. For me, it would be impossible to keep on training if I did not receive support from others. That support comes in many ways and all of it motivates me to keep on moving. My wife is the best! Steve Runner has a podcast about how our significant others play an important role in this crazyness we do. She tolerates and encourages my many hours out on the trails. She does this because she knows how much I enjoy it. I love her for that. I also receive motivation from the many podcasts I listen to each week. Listening to the "rambling diatribes" and the running of 1000 miles through 2007 as well as Nigel's English Country runs really help me connect with a community of runners. Also, those folks who leave me notes of encouragement on this blog really give me a sense of a greater community in running. I really appreciate that. Finally, I have two good friends who join me regularly on runs and constantly offer support and encouragement. They are the best.

I seem to be rambling on....

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Time on Legs - Spreading the Joy

Others might call it more agony than joy. Last week my wife began her program to becoming a runner. I introduced to her the Couch to 5K program highlighted on Phedippidations. This is a great way for a beginner to move from a sedentary lifestyle and become a runner. She has done well with setting a goal for each week to follow the program. I am working on her to enter a July 4th 5K race. I am really excited and proud of her efforts. More to come on this.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Time on Legs - Easy Weeks

Everyone needs an easy week once in awhile. This week was mine. My plan called for easy shorter runs this week and I am taking advantage of it. My runs have been enjoyable and I have not been concentrating on speed or time. Weather has been great as well. At work we test for fitness and today was my day to get it done. As part of the testing we run 1.5 miles and try to get in a specific time. At my age I get 14 minutes to get it done. I was shooting for a sub 13 minute finish. My time was 12:13. The best part was that the track where we do this is 1.5 miles for the office. My partner and I ran to the tract, tested and then ran back to the office. The looks from the others was priceless. They thought we were crazy. A little sore from the sit ups and strength testing. I have got to hit the weights more!

No long run at all this week, just one more 5 miler on the schedule.

I will be out working this Easter. Happy Easter to each of you!!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Time on Legs - What a week!

What a great week of running! I had such a horrible last week of training that I was not too sure how this week was going to turn out. It all started with a great run on Sunday and ended with the fastest long run ever. Yesterday I ran with one of my training partners for 12 miles. We averaged a 9:41 pace! I know we should have slowed it down, but the pace felt great and was easy to maintain. This has been the best week of running I have had in a very long time.

Some of it has to be about the fuel. I have all but eliminated beef from my diet. Not for any higher purpose, but I seem to feel better if I do not consume it. What a bummer, because I do love my steak. I have also noticed a drop in my weight which is good news.

I have spent my week also catching up on my favorite podcasts. Steve Runner is on the final count down to running the Boston Marathon and his recent podcast on the state of the course was excellent. It is exciting to hear how well his training has gone this time out. I encourage all runners to listen to his podcast. Also, if you want an uplifting and humorous podcast to listen to then subscribe to Burning 20. The world traveller Adam Tinkoff always has brightens my day and I am sure he will brighten yours as well. I am participating in his goal to run 1000 miles in 2007. I am currently at 263.5 miles.

enough for now...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

That Dang Internet

Time to toot a horn. Recently the local police force made several arrests of Internet predators. The story can be read on Denver 9 News. I am proud to say that the ability to get that done was started by me when I was the boss of those detectives. Those with children, especially young girls, who are out on the Internet need to carefully watch what they are doing online. The Internet is a great tool, but it has also allowed the predator a new avenue of attack. You would think that that with shows like Dateline on the air it would lower the incidence of this type of behavior. It does not. I admire Chris Hansen for what he exposes. I also applaud all of those detectives out there working hard to protect our children.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Time on Legs - Amazing

Yesterday I headed out for my run that started my training week. My weeks are a little strange and begin with Sunday and my long run is on Friday. So, I headed out for a nice leisurely run. The weather was perfect, it was 70F sunny and no wind. The trails were packed with people because of the nice weather. As I started I was thinking about that horrible run I had on Friday. But, I felt pretty good so I just started running. I owed my schedule 5 miles. My first mile was at a 9:30 pace! I could not believe it, this was smoking fast for me and it felt great. I kept up the pace and expected my usual slow down in the middle of this particular route. That did not happen. I watched my Garmin 205's average pace reading creep down as the run continued. By the last mile I was clocking about a 9 minute pace and the average pace was at 9:15.& I was still feeling strong. I took the last .2 mile in a sprint and finished off with a 5 mile time of 46:15 or a 9:13 pace! This was the fastest run I have had since starting up my running over a year ago. What a motivator!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Time on Legs - Wreaked

This week's running has been a mix of highs and lows. Early in the week was some good running that seemed pretty productive. I concentrated on slowing down and enjoying my recovery runs. Tuesday had me run an 8 mile speed workout. It was a tough run, but felt pretty good. Yesterdays long run was just the opposite. I was scheduled for 11 miles and at 8 miles I could not run another step. My legs were screaming and my body was experiencing some severe "tummy issues". The down side is I like to run out and back so by stopping at 8 miles meant I had a 3 mile walk back to my car. A very disappointing run! Fortunately, I have a good support network in my running buddies. My friend, Dean, called to see how the run went. He has a lot more experience than I do and he offered both advice and encouragement. That was what I needed for the day. It is so important in this individual sport to have friends who run. They understand the good and the bad of the training and keep you motivated. What a treat to have such friends.

It is hard for me to believe that 27 years ago I became a United States Marine. I recently had the pleasure of visiting San Diego and seeing my old Squadron. The picture above is me standing outside the flight line. As an unfocused and undisciplined high school senior I really had no idea what I wanted out of my future. I still count my decision to enter the Marines (spent 9 years there) as the most important life changing decision I have ever made.

Semper Fidelis.....

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Time on Legs - Spring is in the Air

So there I was, sitting on my tractor cleaning out the horse area and suddenly I hear my name on Phedippidations as the blog of the week. It was great to be recognized on his podcast. Then I thought about how I slacked off yesterday and did not go out for my scheduled 4 miler. My week has been pretty sluggish. Tomorrow I head out for my long run of 11 miles. I am looking forward to the two hours to myself on the trail. Of course I spend it with the likes of Steve Runner of Phedippidations, Adam Tinkoff of Burning 20 and Running from the Reaper.

I really enjoy these long days to get my, time on legs.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Time on Legs - Warming up

It has been a bit since I have added anything to this blog. Life has been pretty busy. It has finally warmed up here and the snow is all but gone. The running has been pretty good in the outdoors. It feels great to get back outside. On a day when Steve Runner is forced inside due to -20F weather is was 62F here in Colorado. Strange how there can be such differences. Of course, when I was forced inside due to deep snow and treadmilling it and listening to Phedippidations, Steve was running in mild 50F weather.

This week is a rest week of sorts. I only run 4 days and max miles is one 6 miler. The week total is only 21 miles. You can view my training stuff on my running calender on this blog. Just about 7 weeks until my mini-marathon on May 6th.

As an aside, I seem to not enjoy running as much these days due to the grind of a training program. This is the first time I have undertaken any formalized program. It seemed more fun to me when I decided when to run and how far. Now I find myself dreading some of my runs. I continue to draw motivation from my friends and running partners and the ultimate goal of the future race.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Time on Legs - Thoughts

Back to my regular schedule of work and training. Sunday was a treadmill run of 4 miles and what a difficult time I had getting through it. At mile one I was done and wanted to stop. Must have been the drain of the previous week. The next day was just the opposite. I did 4 miles out on a familiar running trail and had one of the best runs I have had in a long time. Legs and lungs felt great and my pace was right on track. A little head wind, but made for a good run.

While running I pondered a few experiences at work this week. My job brings me face to face with people who are contemplating suicide and have often taken steps in that direction. This behavior confuses me. I find it hard to understand how someone can get to the point of wanting to end their life. I know it is out there and I work to help prevent it, but still hard to understand. There are plenty of great resources out there for people to seek help. is just one web site to help out. There are plenty others out there.

It never seems to amaze me how a good run can clear the mind and bring a life back into balance. Yesterday's run did just that.

Friday, February 23, 2007

TOL - Building Character

Back from Vegas! A few days in Las Vegas is plenty for anyone. I arrived there the afternoon of the NBA All Star game. What a zoo!! There were people everywhere. All of the cabbies, bartenders and wait staff I talked to said they hope the All Star game never comes back. They said the crowds were the worst behaved they had ever seen. There were 4 shootings that weekend and well over 300 arrests. It makes me wonder about the type of people who came to this event.

While away I found it hard to get any running in. Late nights do not mix well with early morning runs. I did get out for a nice 3.5 miler on the Strip. What a strange place to run. People still dressed in their formal clothes and clutching drink glasses wandering out of the casinos looking a little disoriented. While several runners are making their way up and down the strip. Pretty strange.

Today was scheduled for my long run. I needed to get 10 miles in for the day. I knew this would be one of those "character building" runs. I was sore and my heart was just not in the game. But, I managed to eek out 9.8 miles in 1 hour 50 minutes. Every step building just a little character. It is good to get back to my regular schedule.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

TOL - Running with a partner

Today I headed out for my long run. I have a few friends that I try to coordinate with to run as partners. We are all planning on running the Colorado Marathon (I am running the Mini) together. Today I ran with my good friend and co-worker, Dean. He is training to compete in an Ironman race in Idaho. I think he is a little wacky for this. We headed out for an easy 9 miles on my favorite trail. He was due to only run for 75 minutes, but he lengthened his run so we could go together.

Running with a partner is one of the best ways for friends to spend time together. We talk about work, family, our training and most importantly about how we have no willpower when it comes to food. The time just flys by as the miles trickle away. We did our 9 miles today in 1 hr 37 min. Not too bad given the ice on the trail and my whining about the pace.

Friday, February 16, 2007

A change of plans.

Today was scheduled for my long run. 9 miles was on the agenda. It was a balmy 46 degrees. The down side was the 50 mph winds. Then by noon there was blowing snow. So much for a run outside. Tomorrow will be much warmer and the winds gone. I will be joining a couple of my running partners for our long run.

Sunday I leave for Las Vegas (Viva Las Vegas!!) for a training seminar. I hope to get a few runs done in "Sin City" while I am out there. We will see how that turns out.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

TOL - The Winter Grind

The snow just keeps on falling. This keeps me in the gym on the treadmill. I have been faithfully following my program with one exception. I am not losing the weight I want to lose. The running is going good. Long runs are at 10 miles and the speed work is dragging me down.

Today was a beautiful short three miles. I really enjoyed the short distance and easy run. The temps are supposed to be in the mid 50s this weekend so it may be a great time out on the trails.

Next week is a business trip to Las Vegas. I hope to get some runs in out there in the warmth.

The grind of training in the winter continues.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Time on Legs - Time Passes

It has been a bit since I have posted here. It has sure been busy at work and time has been very limited. As for my running, last week I started my 16 week program toward the Colorado Mini-Marathon. This is a 15 miler down the Poudre Canyon into Old Town Fort Collins in Colorado. I am using the free program offered by Runner's World. We will see how that work out for me. The first few weeks have me running 4 days a week and then at week 4 I begin 5 days a week.

The weather here has been terrible for running outside. The snow and cold just keeps om coming here in Colorado. I was able to get out on Friday for my long run, 8 miles. It was 20 degrees (F) out and the trails were pretty iced up. Legs felt sluggish, but I was able to get it knocked out and enjoyed the run. I have also begun practicing the consumption of gel while running. I have not done this before, but figure I will need it for the 15 miler. I will need to keep it up to get use to it.

This morning called for an easy 4 miler. It took all of my energy to venture out at 5 am to climb o nthe treadmill to get the run it. I do not lile early morning runs, but if I am to get it done it has to be then.

It is those runs that build character.