Saturday, June 30, 2007


Today I traded my beloved Garmin 205 for the heart rate version, the 305. I have been wanting to see what my heart rate has been on my training runs and now I can. I have always been a "pace runner" and I am sure there have been times that I have over trained. I am not too sure how I will incorporate the HRM into my training, but am open to ideas. Tomorrow's training run will be my first with this new device and we will see how it turns out.

As for my training, this week has been pretty good with nice strong runs. The weather was cooler mid-week and stayed pretty cool for my 9 mile long run on Friday. My long run made me more sore than normal. Nothing to worry about, but a little knee pain has crept in some.

Wednesday is July 4th and I will be out working. My City puts on a fireworks show in our City Park and I will be coordinating all of the security for the park. I will, however, get a chance to run in a local 5k called the "Firecraker 5". Many years ago this was a 5 mile race and I ran it a couple of times. This will be my first time with the 5k. I was scheduled for a 3 mile training run that day so this will work nicely.

I hope all enjoy a safe July 4th!


MarathonChris said...

Congrats on getting the Forerunner 305. I have had mine since last December and I love it!!! I think analyzing my heart rate has made a big difference in my training. I have learned how to use my heart rate to pace myself in my longer runs. Many times, during my scheduled walking breaks, I use the heart rate to help determine when I am ready to run again. With my training in the heat, it helps tremendously.

Enjoy the new toy and best of luck in the Firecracker 5!

CewTwo said...

I ran a trail with a Jeep group yesterday. It is so much fun for me to ride a trail. The occasions that I am able to become special. I almost always get into the ZEN of running during one and almost forget about training.

In Colorado, I worry when I see the firework stands go up. I think about the national forests in the state and hope that people don't go crazy. My plan for a great fourth of July? Run a trail near the city and a BBQ dinner! What could be more fun?

Maybe sitting in the yard and watching the skies after dark for firework displays!

Run long and hard, Cory! Enjoy your 5K! Let us know how you do!

Maddy said...

I love the Firecracker races! Good luck and I will look for the race report!

I think this year I might sit out on the local 5k race. I'm still undecided.

And I am totally jealous of your 305. I'm starting to think that I really want one...

IrishBlue said...

That's awesome that you got a new running toy. You'll have to let me know how you like the HRM.

Have a great 5K and 4th!