Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Time on Legs - Playing Hooky

Pardon my rant for a bit, but I am tired of spending all my time at work. 7 day weeks, 14 hour days is taking its toll and it was time for a break. So, I played hooky and took some time to go fishing with a couple of friends. I even caught a few fish. All of them were sent back to the river for another day. Thanks for listening.

The running has been going great! Each run these past couple of weeks has been really enjoyable. Sunday's run was a little freaky. I headed out for an easy 4 mile run. I started out on my usual route and after about 1/2 mile I glanced down at my Garmin to be surprised to see my average pace at 8:28! Wow!! So, like a dummy I kept up the pace for the entire run and ended what was supposed to be an easy 4.04 mile run with a time of 34:30 or a 8:32 pace. Even though I was proud of my time, I have to admit that if I keep on disregarding my training plan I am going to injure myself. It is the competator in me that pushes each day.

New blog out there for people to view. It is called "What's a few miles among friends". This blog is a place where those training this summer for the Phedippidations World Wide Half will share their training logs and comments about their journey toward the race. Check it out.


petra duguid said...

hey cory we all need to play hooky sometimes. great picture and beautiful surroundings. And what a pace in your runs - sometimes you just fly so surrender to the universe and take care!

CewTwo said...

I think that in your industry a day of hooky is needed and necessary. I admire your ability to work in your field.

Yep! I've signed up for the PWWHM myself, so I'll check out the site!

MarathonChris said...

Nice fish!!! You need to play hooky more often in that beautiful place!

Susan said...

Great photo! Playing hooky is THE BEST.

Maddy said...

All work and no play makes Cory need to play hooky!

That fish makes fishing look like fun! My ADD mind is done after about 10 minutes or the first fish caught, which ever comes first - then I start thinking - okay, so now what???

Sounds like you running is going well also! Stay healthy!

IrishBlue said...

Wow, that looks like a great way to play hooky. It's so beautiful where you are. I'm jealous.

Welcome to the friends blog! It makes training so much more fun when you can share it with other runners and make friends in the process.