Friday, June 1, 2007

Fall Races

It is the season of summer running with the training for a fall race. I am in week one of my program for a race on September 16th. I will be running in the Crossroads Half Marathon. This race is in support of our local organization that helps women of domestic violence. I will be running this race with several of my running partners. I am told it is a pretty fast course and will be looking for a PR.

My good friends out in the blog world have suggested that I train for a fall marathon. Petra, Melisa and MarathonChris are all running a marathon this fall. Even Kevin is seriously thinking about it. My challenge this year is my summer schedule as well as an upcoming vacation. As a former Marine, I want to run the MCM and will most likely try for that in 2008. This summer is so crazy for me that I cannot figure out how I would fit in the training time needed. I am also spending 3 weeks of October in Europe.

So, I have settled for a half marathon for this fall and am desperately trying to figure out how I can participate in the Phedippidations World Wide Half. I will be in transit that weekend and cannot find an organized run the week before to enter. But the search is far from over. I will train as if I will be able to participate.

And so the training begins....


sam said...

Sounds like things are going well! Good luck with everything!

I too am training for a fall full...MCM.

The Crossroads sounds like an excellent choice, excellent cause. Best of luck in your training!

CewTwo said...

Hey! I'm headed up to Fort Collins this weekend. Mostly a Jeep trail run, but I get out and run as the Jeeps roll.

I run my first half-marathon in three weeks. I was planning on running the Phedippidations World-Wide Half-Marathon in Glenwood Canyon along the recreation trail. That I got from you! Thanks!

Great Bolder Boulder report. Maybe next year. I'll volunteer for it. I am still not sure I'd want to run with that many people!


IrishBlue said...

A marathon in 08 sounds like a good goal. I've heard good things about the MCM. Chris will be able to fill you in too.

MarathonChris said...

If you can't run the weekend of the PWWHM, sometimes they will let you run the weekend before or after and count that time. So don't give up on that one!

Meanwhile, train well. A half marathon is no easy feat....don't sell your efforts short. Better to wisely wait until you have the time to train right :-)

Susan said...

Run yor own course! That's what I did last year, and I will probably do the same this year for the WWH.