Saturday, April 28, 2007

Time on Legs - Charity

This week we go from snow and rain to record high temps. The photo above was taken from out front of my house. What a great way to start each day.

Today I joined about 500 other people in running the "Run for a Child's Sake" 5K run. This run is to raise money for our local Child Advocacy Center (CAC). If you are not familiar with Child Advocacy Center's, they are in many communities and help children who have been the victims of abuse. These valuable dedicated people need our constant support to continue their fabulous work. I have worked many times with our CAC and am very grateful for how hard they work to defend the defensless.

Today's run was an extra for my training plan and I was very please with my performance. Yesterday I ran my final long run in my training plan and went 13 miles. I was able to make my goal pace for my mini-marathon for the entire run. Memo to self: do not buy new shoes and then go right out for 13 miles in them. I was pretty sore at the end.

Time for my taper...


MarathonChris said...

That is a beautiful view from your house. Living in Florida, I miss the mountains (I grew up in Vermont) and I love visiting out west!

Congrats on the race. I work with a similar child advocacy center called Kid's House. In fact I am on a committee to plan the first 5K run to benefit the center. It is unfortunate that such centers are needed, but they serve a very important role in our community.

You are going to do well in your mini-marathon race! You sound ready.

IrishBlue said...

Wow, awesome view!

Sounds like your 5K was in support of a great cause. That always makes it even more worth while, knowing that your efforts will help others. Very cool...

The mini-marathon is going to be great for you. You've trained well. Just don't forget to have fun!

sam said...

Great race...great cause!

LOVE the view...lucky you!

Sounds like things are winding down positively for you. You'll do GREAT!

CewTwo said...

There is a real advantage to living in Colorado. How can you help but feel inspired!

Thanks for supporting a community benefitting organization as you run!