Thursday, April 5, 2007

Time on Legs - Easy Weeks

Everyone needs an easy week once in awhile. This week was mine. My plan called for easy shorter runs this week and I am taking advantage of it. My runs have been enjoyable and I have not been concentrating on speed or time. Weather has been great as well. At work we test for fitness and today was my day to get it done. As part of the testing we run 1.5 miles and try to get in a specific time. At my age I get 14 minutes to get it done. I was shooting for a sub 13 minute finish. My time was 12:13. The best part was that the track where we do this is 1.5 miles for the office. My partner and I ran to the tract, tested and then ran back to the office. The looks from the others was priceless. They thought we were crazy. A little sore from the sit ups and strength testing. I have got to hit the weights more!

No long run at all this week, just one more 5 miler on the schedule.

I will be out working this Easter. Happy Easter to each of you!!


sam said...

Way to go on the PRT! (or whatever ya'll law folks call it) Bet you heaved a big 'ol "phew" eh?

How cool that you got a mention on Pheddip.?! I love listening to Steve, great motivator, as is Terry whom I found out about through Steve.

But I digress, keep up the good runs, enjoy the "light" week, and keep postin'!

IrishBlue said...

I was in the Air Force and we had to do the 1.5 mile thing. At the time I wasn't a runner, so it was a struggle.

Enjoy your easy week and your Easter!

I just noticed you're from Fort Collins. I have a cousin who lives there and teaches at the university...small world.

Maddy said...

Nice job on the fitness test and with almost 2 minutes to spare!

I sometimes run 5ks with some "fresh out of college girls" I'm 10 years older than they are and I'm faster than them (for now...)

It's a great feeling!