Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Time on Legs - Training Winding Down

Today was scheduled for an 8 mile tempo run. Who knew that in Colorado we would get several inches of rain along with snow mixed in. That was all I needed to bug out on today's run. As I near the end of my 12 week running plan I have been evaluating how it has gone. This was only the 3rd run that I just did not do. Not too bad and I do feel ready for the Colorado Mini-marathon (15 miler) on May 6th. A couple more training runs before my easy week taper and the plan is finished. Setting up a training plan has both been good and bad. The good is that my running has really grown stronger and I have become faster. The bad is that the strict adherence to a schedule has taken a little of the joy out of my running. I was almost obsessed with getting each days workout accomplished. But, it has prepared me for the race.
The photos in today's blog are from one of my favorite trails to run on. The rain has created high water levels in the river that overflows the trail. So, it seems that I have chosen a good day to miss out on a run.

The week has been a pretty good one minus the weather issues. The knees are a little better and the running has been strong. I went on a long run with Dean and the goal was for an easy enjoyable smooth 13 miles. I should know better than to trust him, instead he took me on a hilly trail run and we barely eeked out 11.5 miles. I was beat. I followed that run on the next day with the fastest 5 miles I have run this year. It felt great.

And the training winds down....


Kevin said...

Hang in there Cory! You are so prepared for the Mini-Marathon. But I must ask.. What is so "mini" about 15 miles???????

CewTwo said...

Great blog, Cory!

I enjoy reading about Colorado. I am glad that I am not the only one in Colorado getting frustrated with the weather!

Thanks for your help in my planning for a race. I am looking for a beginner 5K in the Denver area.


IrishBlue said...

I know what you mean about a training schedule. It can get old, but sounds like you're entering the taper, which is nice.

Good luck in the final weeks. Hope your weather improves.

Susan said...

Not much longer now!!! I run a 10K on the 5th. I'll be thinking of you!

MarathonChris said...

Sounds like your training is going well!! Hope you get some sunshine :-)