Thursday, April 19, 2007

Time on Legs - Not the knees!

It has been a bit since I have blogged. The hard weeks of my training is upon me and it has taken its toll. Just this week my knees have really been hurting. This has been pretty depressing since it was a serious knee injury that put a stop to my running several years ago. It took me 10 years to get back to the running that I enjoy so much. I do not want an injury to cut into my training as well as my fitness for running. With all that said, the training has been going real well and I am ready for my race in just over 2 weeks.

An update on how my wife is doing. She continues to adhere to the C25K plan and is progressing very well. I am very proud of how she keeps at it even though she is not really enjoying it right now. As for the sales pitch of her running a race this summer, we have progressed from "hell no" to just "no". I am making progress.

So far this year I am at 344 miles on my way to Tinkoff's 1000.


Anonymous said...

Hey, she's warming up to it! Tell her that once, not too long ago (18 mos or so ago) I couldn't run a block straight and my goal was to conquer c25k ... not to ENJOY it but to DEFEAT something I'd never been able to do. I now log ~35 mpw, LOVE racing (participating and volunteering) and truly enjoy my runs.

Sorry to hear about your knee. No good! Take care of that thing so you can keep on troopin'!

Maddy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm sorry to hear about your knee. Take it easy - you need them. There was a great article about knees in Runner's World 2 months ago.

I'm glad to hear your wife is keeping at it. She'll be hooked before you know it! We all had to start from zero at one point.

MarathonChris said...

Take care of the knee! Glad to hear your wife is sticking to it. If she hangs in there, she will cross that point where she will find it enjoyable instead of a chore. We are all pulling for her.

Susan said...

I came to your site through Charlie's. Good to meet ya!

Reading through both of your sites makes me want to find my way to Colorado and enjoy the breathtaking scenery while taking an enjoyable run.

Keep on encouraging your wife! (sounds like you're doing a fabulous job of it)

CewTwo said...

Thanks, Cory, for your encouraging words on my blog. I appreciate it.

Your comment on the first 1/2 marathon being run on the recreation path in Glenwood Canyon is making me want to do the same thing.

I wish you luck with your knee. Hopefully it is not too serious!

Please tell your wife that I really enjoy running. Some of the people that I was running along side of last week need to get out and exercise more. I tried to encourage some and had kids running with me on two occasions! Next year I may have someone to run with that is above 8 years old!

Thanks for the blog!


Adam said...

Congrats on the awesome mileage. You are an inspiration to us all. Keep it burning bro. - Adam

IrishBlue said...

Great news about your wife. Oddly, just this week my husband asked me how many weeks it takes to train for a half marathon. I answered, but didn't push the subject.

About the knees, I've found that taking Motrin or Aleve *before* a long run helps with my *after* pain. This is something I just started doing about a month ago. Might work?

Keep up the good work with your training.