Monday, December 17, 2007

Just a short note on how things are going. The workouts are progressing really well. i am really getting into the lifting. There is a very little running n this plan so far, only about 6 to 8 miles per week. I feel like such a slacker. The weight is coming off slowly too. Only about 6 pounds over the two weeks. Not a lot but I will take it. Enjoying the plan so far!

On a side note it looks like I will be spending my summer in Virginia. Good for the job but a long time away from home.

Happy Holidays to all!!


ShirleyPerly said...

Hey, Cory, glad to hear you're enjoying the plan. Best wishes to you and your family during the holidays!!

Sam said...

Virginia eh? Lucky you!

Sounds like the lifting was just what you needed. I hear you on lower mileage equaling a feeling of slackedness! But work the plan and the plan will work!

Best of luck in the New Year and Happy Holidays!

IrishBlue said...

Hey Cory, best wishes to you and your family. Glad to hear the lifting and workouts are going well.