Thursday, March 8, 2007

Time on Legs - Warming up

It has been a bit since I have added anything to this blog. Life has been pretty busy. It has finally warmed up here and the snow is all but gone. The running has been pretty good in the outdoors. It feels great to get back outside. On a day when Steve Runner is forced inside due to -20F weather is was 62F here in Colorado. Strange how there can be such differences. Of course, when I was forced inside due to deep snow and treadmilling it and listening to Phedippidations, Steve was running in mild 50F weather.

This week is a rest week of sorts. I only run 4 days and max miles is one 6 miler. The week total is only 21 miles. You can view my training stuff on my running calender on this blog. Just about 7 weeks until my mini-marathon on May 6th.

As an aside, I seem to not enjoy running as much these days due to the grind of a training program. This is the first time I have undertaken any formalized program. It seemed more fun to me when I decided when to run and how far. Now I find myself dreading some of my runs. I continue to draw motivation from my friends and running partners and the ultimate goal of the future race.

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Kevin said...

Glad the weather has broken for you Cory. It has here in Cincinnati as well.

Hang in there with the training man!