Thursday, March 15, 2007

Time on Legs - Spring is in the Air

So there I was, sitting on my tractor cleaning out the horse area and suddenly I hear my name on Phedippidations as the blog of the week. It was great to be recognized on his podcast. Then I thought about how I slacked off yesterday and did not go out for my scheduled 4 miler. My week has been pretty sluggish. Tomorrow I head out for my long run of 11 miles. I am looking forward to the two hours to myself on the trail. Of course I spend it with the likes of Steve Runner of Phedippidations, Adam Tinkoff of Burning 20 and Running from the Reaper.

I really enjoy these long days to get my, time on legs.


Kevin said...


Very cool to hear your name on Fdip, isn't it?

Funny where and how we find our motivation. I read my favorite blogs and can't help but get my running shoes on and heading out of the door when I see what those people are doing!

mrjwhit~ said...

Thanks Cory, I just ordered the 305 from Ebay. I'm hoping I can get it before the race Sunday, but if not I'll certainly give it a good "run" as soon as I get it.