Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Time on Legs - Thoughts

Back to my regular schedule of work and training. Sunday was a treadmill run of 4 miles and what a difficult time I had getting through it. At mile one I was done and wanted to stop. Must have been the drain of the previous week. The next day was just the opposite. I did 4 miles out on a familiar running trail and had one of the best runs I have had in a long time. Legs and lungs felt great and my pace was right on track. A little head wind, but made for a good run.

While running I pondered a few experiences at work this week. My job brings me face to face with people who are contemplating suicide and have often taken steps in that direction. This behavior confuses me. I find it hard to understand how someone can get to the point of wanting to end their life. I know it is out there and I work to help prevent it, but still hard to understand. There are plenty of great resources out there for people to seek help. Suicide.org is just one web site to help out. There are plenty others out there.

It never seems to amaze me how a good run can clear the mind and bring a life back into balance. Yesterday's run did just that.

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Kevin said...

I didn't realize your work involved that. Tough job man, but it's SO great people like you do it!
I totally agree about the run too. The physical part of running is just one of SO many other aspects of running that make is the best activity ever! Like I've said before... Sucks NOT to be a runner!