Saturday, February 17, 2007

TOL - Running with a partner

Today I headed out for my long run. I have a few friends that I try to coordinate with to run as partners. We are all planning on running the Colorado Marathon (I am running the Mini) together. Today I ran with my good friend and co-worker, Dean. He is training to compete in an Ironman race in Idaho. I think he is a little wacky for this. We headed out for an easy 9 miles on my favorite trail. He was due to only run for 75 minutes, but he lengthened his run so we could go together.

Running with a partner is one of the best ways for friends to spend time together. We talk about work, family, our training and most importantly about how we have no willpower when it comes to food. The time just flys by as the miles trickle away. We did our 9 miles today in 1 hr 37 min. Not too bad given the ice on the trail and my whining about the pace.

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Kevin said...

I agree Cory. Stop and think about how many of your friends you have met through running. It must be 90% of mine. Nothing better than a running partner.