Sunday, January 21, 2007

Time on Legs - Time Passes

It has been a bit since I have posted here. It has sure been busy at work and time has been very limited. As for my running, last week I started my 16 week program toward the Colorado Mini-Marathon. This is a 15 miler down the Poudre Canyon into Old Town Fort Collins in Colorado. I am using the free program offered by Runner's World. We will see how that work out for me. The first few weeks have me running 4 days a week and then at week 4 I begin 5 days a week.

The weather here has been terrible for running outside. The snow and cold just keeps om coming here in Colorado. I was able to get out on Friday for my long run, 8 miles. It was 20 degrees (F) out and the trails were pretty iced up. Legs felt sluggish, but I was able to get it knocked out and enjoyed the run. I have also begun practicing the consumption of gel while running. I have not done this before, but figure I will need it for the 15 miler. I will need to keep it up to get use to it.

This morning called for an easy 4 miler. It took all of my energy to venture out at 5 am to climb o nthe treadmill to get the run it. I do not lile early morning runs, but if I am to get it done it has to be then.

It is those runs that build character.

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